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    Kay Stammers

    Quail Village Golf Club Member, Kay Stammers, is a Creative Wood Carver of Birds. After a very successful corporate career, she wanted to do something more artistic and her love of birds and nature drew her to wood carving. From a young age Kay has marveled at the beauty and fine detail each bird displays whether nesting, perched on a branch or in flight. Although she began carving prior to a trip to the Amazon, the first sighting of a Toucan exploded her desire to sculpt birds from wood. After selecting the bird to be carved, research is necessary to insure the measurements, detail, and coloring are correct. The pose of the bird is decided and the block of wood chosen. Kay works mostly with Tupelo wood because there is little grain. Other woods may be used such as basswood or walnut. All birds are carved to actual dimensions including the fine detailing. The entire process depends on the size and complexity of the piece ranging from 100 to 300 hours.

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    Nancy Dagher
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    Gary Kraft

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