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    The expression of coming over the top is a common one to describe the downswing moving from outside in. This is the most common problem in golf and is one that has many remedies. The backswing moving in a certain way can encourage coming over the top so sometimes fixing the backswing can fix the downswing but not often. The most important part of your swing is from pocket height to pocket height. This is the crucial moment of the swing that will determine the shot you hit.
    Coming over the top is simply swinging your arms and rear shoulder out at the beginning of your downswing. It is caused by a natural instinct of pushing rather than pulling and unwinds the shoulders at the wrong time. Once you have an understanding of how the swing should move you will have a better chance of moving in the right direction at the right time.

    The downswing should begin with a pulling motion that will drop the arms and delay the turning of the shoulders back toward the target. This delay is ultimately most important. There are a couple of thoughts you can use to help develop a proper downswing sequence.

    The first one is to sense the path of the club on your backswing and try to follow the same path on the downswing. Once you are able to sense this and perform it you can move onto the second step, which is to keep your back to the target as long as you can moving down and through the ball. These two thoughts will provide the necessary steps to getting rid of the over the top swing. Hope this helps.

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